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  • The Greed Merchants Allied with MiGs in the Elimination of Syrians

    I used to buy imported meat because Turkish meat is less expensive than the price of local meat, which has risen exponentially in the shadow of war. On the other hand, my financial situation is not good and I could rarely find a job.” Mahmoud praised God because his son and his wife did not eat the meat as well, otherwise the results would be disastrous for the family.

  • Children of the Idlib Countryside: From Schools to Recruitment Camps

    Children in the Idlib countryside are being increasingly recruited by militant factions to fight in Syria. One reason for this is the continued systematic targeting of schools in rural Idlib by warplanes. Another is the absence of families’ main breadwinners, which has pushed a large number of children to join recruitment camps.

  • The Situation in Sweida is Heating Up

    A terrible trinity of hooliganism, fear and kidnapping surround the city of Sweida, and are pushing it to the brink of total collapse. Hooliganism in the conventional sense is not the main cause of terror in Sweida, but the calm before the storm that threatens to tear down city.

  • Yazidi children are ISIS’s ticking time bomb

    The Yazidi community is increasingly concerned about the success of ISIS in manipulating and brainwashing their children with their ruthless ideology. Ali says that one of the five survivors spoke of hundreds of Yazidi children in ISIS camps who have been recruited to participate in battles and terrorist acts.

  • Five Major Shifts in the Pattern of Syrian Life during War

    Kamal, a young man in his thirties and a resident of Antakya, commented, "In Aleppo I was independent and I lived in my own house, but today I have to live with my family again after 10 years."

  • Idlib’s Doctors Turning into Merchants

    On the other hand, Dr. Muhammad Al-Murei, the director of the hospital, said, “It is natural that the prices for operations in private hospitals would increase in proportion to the increase in prices of supplies, medical equipment and fuel required for generators and other things.”

  • Forced Disappearances in Idlib

    The Syrian Network for Human Rights estimated the number of people who disappeared in the Syrian regime's prisons was 65 thousand people, 3,050 of whom disappeared from the province of Idlib and most of whom were peaceful members of the opposition, human rights activists, doctors, or people involved in humanitarian assistance

  • Love Amidst the Horrors of War

    Before they moved to Germany, Yuser and Raneem were living in Aleppo, in the north of Syria, where they married in 2013 despite Raneem’s family being Sunni and Yuser’s family being Shiite

  • War Widows: Caught Between Unbearable Losses and Daily Challenges

    Nuha, a 28-year-old from Kafranbel, a small town in northwestern Idlib province, is one of the thousands of women who have lost their husbands to Syria’s ongoing civil war. And like the others, she was left to deal with the hardships of raising her children alone in the face of poverty and strict cultural traditions.

  • Warnings to Syrians Outside of the Country: Your real estate is at risk..

    “How does falsification happen?” Suwar magazine asked the lawyer, Yunus Ibrahim. He is specialized in such cases and explained in details the stages followed by real estate property falsifiers and how they exploit many weaknesses. Ibrahim says that the falsifier may get the property owner’s ID card in one way or another.

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