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  • On transitional justice

    Justice itself is a unique combination of equality and freedom similar to water being a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. If separated from one another, the first becomes inflammable and the other poisonous.

  • Geneva and the Road to a Political Solution

    The United Nations now serves the role of facilitator, attempting to find balance with the desires of the US and Russia, and decipher what that means for the broader region as a whole.

  • The Impact of Geography on Politics in the Syrian Negotiations II

    All conflicts in the world have gone through different stages. Each stage has its own set of tools. The Syrian opposition must develop its tools and change its methodologies in order to achieve its objectives. These changes must be profound and inclusive, representing the values it believes in if it is ever to build a democratic Syria.

  • The Impact of Geography on Politics in the Syrian Negotiations I

    Geopolitics will have a direct and significant impact on the next phase of the conflict, which could be called the Syrian Cold War. This new cold war has arisen between international and regional actors, particularly the United States and Russia. The Assad regime and its allies currently control 44.8% of the geography in Syria, more than 83,000 square kilometers.).

  • Trapped and Abandoned: The Experience of Female Detainees in Syria

    International and regional pressure put on the Syrian regime to release female detainees has gone down the drain because the regime can seemingly do whatever it wants without being held accountable.

  • Decentralization: A Democratic Choice

    Therefore, it is antithetical to democracy, justice, equality, and it is a generator of racism, especially when politics is merely an ideology and the world is divided according to ideology, into two opposite worlds; the world of the good and evil

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