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Zabadani Women’s Initiative: Stop The Violence



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Zabadani city, to the southwest of Syria, has suffered from the siege imposed by the Syrian forces for over three years and a half. The people of Zabadani were exposed to the regime’s attacks after their peaceful uprising calling for human rights and democracy as part of the non-violent movements that started in March of 2011.

In July, 2015, the complete siege reached a dangerous turning point when the Assad regime resorted to fighting alongside Hezbollah Militia from Lebanon. The area has been exposed to shelling with more than 3,000 barrels and tens of thousands of missiles and shells. There are more than 22,000 civilians stuck outside the city without food, water, or medicine.

Despite this miserable situation, Zabadani women still haven’t lost faith; 470 women have risked their lives to sign their names to a declaration that calling for the cessation of violence.  Three thousand signatures have been collected so far from other Syrian free women from all over the country, showing their solidarity with Zabadani women.

Zabadani women are mothers, sisters, and daughters who have lost their loved ones and had their lives severely affected by the current conflict. Zabadani women are also doctors, activists, teachers, and others from the society, and they have worked relentlessly to keep social ties connected in their communities despite the current violence. They have suffered from the siege since the beginning and keep pushing for a political solution.







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