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    Daraa's refugees and the absurdity of politics

    The Syrian regime and its supporters are trying to impose their will through the use of brutal force. This is so that the residents of these areas will accept a compromise that will essentially change the demographics of each region the regime gains control over through displacing its residents without any legal or humanitarian deterrent to these policies.

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    Law No. 10: Hell, in real estate terms

    As this new law stirs fears and strengthens the convictions of opponents, it is thought of as a vital development in the reconstruction stage to loyalists. As Syrians lived on opposite sides in 2011, Law No. 10 deepens the divide and rings alarm bells. Will this new law become a new hell for Syrians?

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    Eastern Ghouta: The complete story

    According to the SNHR, over 6,583 people remain arbitrarily imprisoned by the regime, while over 1,218 people have been killed while being tortured, including 3 children and 7 adult females. SNHR has also reported that 427 people have died, including 221 children and 71 adult females, during the siege enforced on Eastern Ghouta since October 2017.

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    On transitional justice

    Justice itself is a unique combination of equality and freedom similar to water being a combination of oxygen and hydrogen. If separated from one another, the first becomes inflammable and the other poisonous.

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Window on Rights

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    Honor Crimes: A Continuous Injustice

    Honor crimes are the killing of a female in a family by a male member because of the suspicion or belief that the woman or girl committed an act which violates their perceived morality, such as adultery or illicit relations with the opposition sex, in order to cleanse the shame and preserve the family and community’s honor.

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