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    The "Islamization of the Syrian Revolution"

    With the escalation of armed opposition operations and attention on them spreading in the media, the Free Syrian Army and other groups began to show features of jihadism. Most of the Free Syrian Army battalions and brigades for example took Muslim names, and their recordings and statements on the internet were filled with religious and jihadi terms.

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    Decentralization: A Democratic Choice

    Therefore, it is antithetical to democracy, justice, equality, and it is a generator of racism, especially when politics is merely an ideology and the world is divided according to ideology, into two opposite worlds; the world of the good and evil

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    Syria’s Assyrian Christians: 'Victims of This War'

    Suleiman Yousef: The humanitarian situation is acceptable. Shelters have been provided for all the displaced Assyrians by civil organizations and humanitarian groups. The churches in Hassakeh and Qamishli have helped them, as well. There are about 1,000 displaced Assyrians. They’ve all been provided with housing, food and clothing

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