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    Geneva and Astana

    In the context of the vicious cycle of these difficult political negotiations, the Russians and the Turks developed another framework in Astana, which is focused on military negotiations. These are considered by some to be more important than the political negotiations in Geneva and even as an alternative to them.

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    Children of the Idlib Countryside: From Schools to Recruitment Camps

    Children in the Idlib countryside are being increasingly recruited by militant factions to fight in Syria. One reason for this is the continued systematic targeting of schools in rural Idlib by warplanes. Another is the absence of families’ main breadwinners, which has pushed a large number of children to join recruitment camps.

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Window on Rights

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    Honor Crimes: A Continuous Injustice

    Honor crimes are the killing of a female in a family by a male member because of the suspicion or belief that the woman or girl committed an act which violates their perceived morality, such as adultery or illicit relations with the opposition sex, in order to cleanse the shame and preserve the family and community’s honor.

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